Traveling Village

20 families traveling together for 4 months in an intentional community.

Our Manifest

🌎 When is Village 2 and where do we go?

We have absolutely no idea yet. Any ideas? Get in touch!

🏘 What will be different in Village 2?

Nothing is decided at all, but we have lots of learnings, thoughts, and dreams. We hope to expand, so it’s not just families. Singles, retired couples … more diversity and more a real village. We also dream about bringing a team, people who work a fixed amount of hours on stuff in the village (for example childcare). It could be professionals and it could be young people having an incredible gap year. 

 📅 When can you tell more about Village 2?

We hope to be able to take the next small steps in the end of Q1 2024. We are fully focused on village 1, but we hope to be able to use the energy while away with village 1, to also set sail on a new boat.

 👩‍💻 How can I get involved?

If you are in any way interested in Village 2, please sign up to our newsletter above (we send out an email maximum once monthly updating on everything Traveling Village). You can also follow our tiny Instagram account and if you have specific ideas you want to discuss, you are always welcome to email Nikolaj at