Meet the Funicellos (🇮🇹)

Funicello - Traveling Village

Please introduce yourself; who are you, where are you from, where are you currently, what do you do for a living/currently? Please include kids’ ages on departure day.

Hi! We are Barbara (34 years) Giuseppe (37) and Jacopo (4). We are Italian, from Turin, a little town in the North of the country. Barbara is a psychotherapist and Giuseppe is a freelance software engineer and a coding teacher.

Why did you decide to get involved in this project?

We were searching for a way of living that could embrace our needs of travelling while working and educate our son. We also want to experience living with a community of people to learn and spend time with people similar to us.

What kind of interests do you have?

Barbara loves to study and talk about people’s behaviour, education and conscious parenting. She likes to read fantasy books and TV series, she is a Harry Potter fan. She is also interested in yoga and meditation.

Giuseppe is a part time youtuber, trying to teach coding in his own personal way. He loves to meditate, play guitar (gipsy jazz genre), read books and run..

Jacopo loves climbing, listening to stories and singing or playing music. He loves to stay with other kids and he is very sensible to people emotions.

Tell us some interesting random facts about you guys. Don’t hold back, this is your time to shine 🙂

Barbara was very close to starting a very typical career in public health care, but on a sunny Sunday morning, just 2 days before she got an official offer from a local hospital, we decided to take back our dream to travel while working with our son. It was not easy to decline that offer (a really good offer to be honest) but now we are happier than ever.

How do you educate?

We are experimenting with different types of education, like worldschooling hub, homeschooling and a local nursery. We are interested in learn more about unschooling and worldschooling and open to every education based on experience, nature and children oriented.

What do you think will be the most difficult about this experiment?

For us being the only Italian family could be challenging for the language, and it is also the first time that we try cohousing. We can’t wait to do something so far from our comfort zone.

What kind of work groups or projects would you be excited about joining on the trip?

We are excited about common meals and activities, everything that could challenge ourselves and be part of a new project that could change our way of living or educating ourselves.

Will you be working while we are traveling?

Yes, we will be working part time with no rigid hours.

What do you hope to learn or take away from joining this experiment?

We hope to learn a simple way of living while travelling, to learn from other cultures and other languages. We hope to grow our connection with other people similar or different to us, find new friends for us and Jacopo and maybe other partners for travelling in the future. We will be for sure more flexible and organised after 5 months with another 20 families!

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