Meet the Holm Østerskovs (🇩🇰)


Please introduce yourself; who are you, where are you from, where are you currently, what do you do for a living/currently? Please include kids’ ages on departure day.

We are the Holm Østerskov family: Philip is a freelance finance boss (with a big heart for for helping out small start ups) and newly educated reiki healer as well and Marie (an artist and stage director) and of course our two children Finn aged 7, and Eli who is 2 years. We are from Denmark currently living in Copenhagen, but we just sold our house to embark on new adventures! The Travelling Village being a BIG ONE!


Why did you decide to get involved in this project?

When we first heard of it in March and at that time all the families had been selected and it was such a bummer since we were both convinced that we were going! Fortunately for us we got the opportunity to join later.

What kind of interests do you have?

We are very much into the more esoteric parts of life like astrology, reiki and meditation. We are also very active people who walk, run, swim and bike! We love being out and about in nature gathering food and herbs, cooking, making fires, and collecting seeds and flowers.

Tell us some interesting random facts about you guys. Don’t hold back, this is your time to shine 🙂

We dream of building our own sustainable house with a grass roof in the countryside of Denmark. The house might be built into a hill, so you can’t see it from one side and it seems to mutate out of the surroundings. On the roof, we would have 5 sheep and chickens. 

We just bought our first auto camper, we see it as a nomadic summer house and look forward to exploring more of Europe and Denmark when we come back from this adventure.


How do you educate?

Eli is at home with us for now, but Finn is in grade in school. On the trip we will be worldschooling.

What do you think will be the most difficult about this experiment?

It might be challenging to hit the right balance between family-time/alone-time and village-time. 

Also, We have a labrador dog named Pelle, and the hardest thing about joining the village was leaving him with a foster family until we come back, we will surely miss our middle child (he is a BIG part of the family) but we just HAD to go.


What kind of work groups or projects would you be excited about joining on the trip?

Marie is excited to join the documentary group and Philip will be joining the world schooling group. We are also excited about the yoga-play group and Finn really wants to join the football- and sports group and is also excited to hear that he is not the only one into Minecraft and Pokemon

Will you be working while we are traveling?

Yes, Marie will be working most/some of the time and Philip might also work from time to time.

What do you hope to learn or take away from joining this experiment?

Friends for life maybe. A more global feeling of community. A lot of knowledge about this type of traveling to share with others in the future. 

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