Meet The Owens (🇺🇸)

The Owens

Please introduce yourself; who are you, where are you from, where are you currently, and what do you do for a living/currently? Please include the kids’ ages on departure day.

We are the Owens family of three and we have been full-time digital nomads traveling since 2019! We are originally from the United States but we are currently looking for a country to settle down in at some point! We are currently in Portugal for a couple of months. I work for an online youth group doing workshops for kids on first aid, fire safety, and the respiratory system.  I was in healthcare in America for almost twenty years (since I was 19!) and I was looking for a way to still put my degree to use. Our daughter will be turning ten a week after departure day. 


Why did you decide to get involved in this project?

We decided to get involved with this project because we love building community while traveling. We have met some of the most interesting people traveling and want to continue! We love learning from others. 

What kind of interests do you have?

We love anything involving the water! Swimming and the beach is our happy place!  We are also really into learning about blue zones and health. 


Tell us some interesting random facts about you guys. Don’t hold back, this is your time to shine 🙂

We traveled around America in a motorhome for 3 years living together in 200 sqft and we all got along and love being together! We world travel full-time with only one backpack per person, we are true minimalists! Our daughter is such a daredevil and thrill seeker she went paragliding in Turkey at age eight!


What do you think will be the most difficult about this experiment?

Spending only 37 days in each place. We love really diving into culture and community and sometimes 37-40 days is just not enough! 


How do you educate your child?

We unschool, worldschool, homeschool, and find hubs, communities, and schools. We do it ALL! I believe there is not just one way to learn! 


What kind of work groups or projects would you be excited about joining on the trip?

Being in healthcare I joined the emergency and conflict work group of course! We are interested in learning the ukulele with friends and we are thinking of purchasing one and adding it to our travel repertoire 


Will you be working while we are traveling?

Yes! We both work, not to mention a parents job never ends! 


What do you hope to learn or take away from joining this experiment?

We hope to meet new people that we consider friends for life! 

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