Workgroups: Creating a real community


Right now we have founding families and member families. The founding families are creating the foundation and doing the initial push to get a real community off the ground.

The goal is that this experiment doesn’t have hosts or guides, but it’s an actual community. More village than group trips.

This also means that the founding families have had to find a balance between the “foundation” and what member families should be able to impact. The job of the founding families is to create a setup that 20 families can agree to, but from that starting point develop together.

The way we will go from being planned by 4 families to a real community of 20 families, is to form the community online. For this, we are using Slack, which can be considered to be the online community square of the village.

In Slack and in real life we will form small workgroups. Creating and participating in workgroups is a core part of the community and you shouldn’t join the trip if that sounds completely uninterested to you. That said, there is no requirements.

Workgroup examples are:

  • Planning the intro week
  • Workgroup responsible for communal meals (one group per location)
  • Workgroups for theme weeks for the kids
  • Monthly party planning group

Many groups will form from the community and examples could be a hiking group, a yoga group, a volunteer group, a coworking group, and so on. Many things are possible, for example, one idea that was briefly discussed among the founding families was that it would be cool if a bunch of people in the village got together and created a startup while we were traveling. Like an experiment within the experiment 😄

Joining this experiment is joining a community that you will be a real part of. So if you think it sounds interesting to help form day-to-day life, then you should consider it. If you really want a trip that is fully planned with a guide and everything is done for you, then this experiment may not be the right for you.

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